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We offer a wide range of professional services. We’ll get to understand your business and create an individual package that best suits your needs. Unscrambling Social Media, we’ll help you to get to where you want to be, and beyond. Creating the content you’ve always dreamed of. Our goal is to put your brand front and centre in the minds of your audience - and we know how to achieve it.


    We will grow your engagement and following using detailed audience targeting - and we’ll break down the results for you every month


    We know just what it takes to differentiate you from the crowded and competitive market in your specific industry.


    We want your business to have a distinct personality - to be instantly recognisable. Let us create an online presence for your company.


  • “Customer service speaks volumes of what a business can do, and the service delivery we have received thus far from Majenta Media has been excellent. Majenta Media has been rather accommodating in trying to fulfill our needs to the best of their ability. The staff so far have been very helpful and instrumental in the execution and understanding of our needs as an engineering company. They have taken the utmost care in understanding our corporate identity and trying to build on that to create a media presence that is entirely unique to us. Our overall experience with Majenta Media has been a good one and we hope to keep building our business relationship.

    Catech Tambani - Mr. Lee Bray
  • “Due to the very technical nature of our work we were looking for a media company that would be able to understand and fulfill our needs when it comes to hydraulic cylinder repair. Majenta Media has been more than accommodating in trying to understand our unique processes and procedures and it shows in our increased media presence and ever-growing audience. Service and client dealings have been nothing but professional and we feel that the quality of work they have provided us have far exceeded our expectations.”

    Tambani Hydraulics - Mr. Petrus Tambani,
  • “When we moved over to Majenta Media our main concern was service delivery but so far, their customer service and client dealings have been nothing but pleasant. We’ve been satisfied with the services we have received, and our media presence has been greatly increased thus far. Majenta Media has been extremely helpful in accommodating our needs as a company and creating quality content based around our unique vision. We highly recommend Majenta Media.”

    African Mining Machines - Mr. Tim Williams,